About Us

We specialize in creating a safari specific to your needs. Our owner/operator is a Tanzanian with many years experience as a tracker and a guide. He will ensure that you have the best wildlife experience while adhering to careful ecosystem protocols that protect the animals and their environment.

Ibrahim "Abi" Andrew, Owner/Operator
Deborah Geisler, Managing Director

Our Vehicles

We use well maintained newer Toyota Land Cruisers with extended cabs, roof hatches and enlarged pop out windows for easy game viewing and professional photographing. Each seat reclines and has a recharging outlet for added comfort and convenience.


What We Offer

We put together a trip that takes into consideration the level of physical activity you want, the amount of time that you have, and the variety of experiences you desire. Our guides are not only experts in finding and explaining the wildlife and tribal cultures but will do so using local stories and proverbs passed down in the oral tradition.

We make sure to book lodging with quality service, tasty food and comfortable rooms. We also contribute to local community projects and can arrange for a visit. We will meet you with a smile at the airport and seamlessly attend to your needs until even after you depart. Many of our clients become longstanding friends.

  • Best Guide in 6 Trips to Africa

    We were enthralled by this bright, positive, knowledgeable and charismatic man. Not only did he wow my daughter and me he brought out the best in the other guides. Abi has been guiding for over 12 years and it is clear that he studies hard at his profession. His English is excellent, and his knowledge of the flora and is very deep. He also has some skills/traits that I think separate the typical guides from the exceptional ones. Abi knew how to teach about what we were seeing in a way that captivated both me and my daughter. There are long stretches in game drives where after you’ve seen your 100th Elephant, 20th sleeping lion, and millionth wildebeest, it gets a little “dry” (and this from a person who loves this stuff.) Abi always seemed to know when it was time to start a new conversation, ask questions, and share stories. He had a great sense of humor. He had many fun stories to share about his other trips and exciting experiences that safari junkies love to soak up. But he would also talk about the history of Tanzania, the unique balance of religions there, the different tribes and how that works etc. If you are the kind of traveler that likes this approach, I would encourage you to consider him for your next trip. I’ve seen pictures of his trips that range from couples to large tour groups, and he can take you anywhere in Tanzania. In fact his knowledge of when and where to go was MUCH greater than my tour agent. Guys there are people in this world you meet and say “wow this is a special person”...Ibrahim is one of those guys.      
  • Exciting, Incredible and Memorable

    Dear Abi,   Thank you for guiding us on our safari with Lisa and Heather last week. We feel you gave us your best, and shared with us your passion for Tanzania. It was exciting, incredible in parts, and memorable, and so that you don’t forget we are listing some of our highlights for you; We loved   Your thorough planning Knowledge about the habitat and ecosystem Keen sense of where to “spot” -it was you who found the cheetah! Unbounded enthusiasm for finding special places- even remote inaccessible ones! Willingness to go beyond the call of duty Often taking routes that allowed us to spot wildlife away from other tours We landed in the midst of migrating wildebeest!   All in all, you put in more time, effort, adrenalin and fuel into our magnificent few days. Very many thanks from us all.   Love, Bertie, Anna, and Freddy
    Bertie, Anna, and Freddy
  • A Wonderful Adventure

    Hi Abi! Linda and I had the most wonderful adventure with you! It was far more thrilling than we had imagined it would be my friend. Traveling was exciting...YOU are an amazing driver! I would ride anywhere with you! All the arrangements were perfect for me. And You as a guide made the experience a first class one! I especially enjoyed the way you filled every minute with something new...information about the terrain, the animals and the people and insight into to the cultures of Tanzania. Everyone I tell about the safari is envious that we had such a guide! Some of the had been on safari with other companies in the past and were disappointed. So I will spread your name and Frank's far and wide! I hope this finds you and your family well. Thank you for sharing them with us. As soon as I can organize my photos, we will send some to you. Thanks to you, I think I have some very good ones! Take care Abi. I'll write again soon  
    Dana Ellis
  • Capable Guide

    I will not talk more on how beautiful Serengeti is, more talk on the capabilities of our guide. Managed to catch the migration which was not expected at that time of year Made us see the Big Five and more Very knowledgeable on the wild life and the back roads that very few people were around Hawk eyes that can spot anything miles away Knowing where animals show up- kinda 6th sense Arranged a (surprise) birthday cake in camp with name wishes and candles And with great driving skills- NO BACK PAIN Thanks to you